Accounting Services


Accounting Services in Indonesia


Accounting services in Indonesia: Upon establishing a subsidiary or branch in Indonesia it is crucial for an organization to organize its accounting work and keep managing it properly from the start. Our team of highly experienced CPAs and tax specialist provide services such as accounting consulting services, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Auditing and Tax Compliance. With our constant support your business in Indonesia will be guaranteed an accurate and timely provision of the records of all the transactions; additionally we will consult you on any aspect of the local accounting standards.


Upon your requirement we have the ability to generate financial statements according to US GAAP and IFRS as well. Depending on the industry and specificity of your business, our accounting team can work with customized accounting applications and accounting software.


To fully support your business in Indonesia offer the following accounting consulting services:


  • Accounting Journal entry and review
  • Preparation of the B/S and Income Statements
  • Sales & Purchase Invoice filing, collecting and payment
  • Petty Cash Review
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Preparation of the general ledger and periodical trial balance
  • Preparation of the monthly financial statements
  • Setup of the accounting software and training


Additionally, our experienced staff can perform all necessary accounting compilation tasks. We have the ability to generate financial statements according to US GAAP and under IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).


Finally, our staff is acquainted with main ERP systems, such as SAP, and can produce statements and records according to the system requested by our customers.


Thus, our accounting services in Indonesia for foreign businesses in Indonesia are highly flexible, as the type, frequency, platform and language of the reports can be customized to fit our customers’ needs.