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Tax Services

We assist our clients in the preparation of corporate and individual tax returns, tax audit defense, and tax risk management.

Financial Analysis

Using financial data and generate performance report with recommendations about how it can improve going forward

IT Services

We bring all our expertise and domain knowledge in the IT services which includes software applications and web development.

HR Audit & Systems Review

TCF will work as the Human Resource Department for the company and provide support for framing HR policies and employee orientation.

"Client satisfaction First"

Welcome to Tokyo Consulting Group

Provide range of accounting, taxation, HR and IT consulting services.
Tokyo Consulting Group (TCF) is an association of independent accounting firms located around the world who provide clients with a range of business consulting services, accounting and taxation services. TCF has members throughout the world to deal with your international business requirements. Our member firms offer personal new business incorporation services which focuses on having a thorough understanding of your particular international needs. Each member firm is an independent legal entity in its own right, the operation of which is controlled in that country. This ensures that each firm has a complete knowledge and understanding of the local culture, which is vital when setting up a new business. For a detailed presentation of our services, please select one of our areas of expertise on the left menu.

Our members are committed to keeping up to date with your affairs and helping your business succeed, offering a high standard of both commercial and supportive advice.

The key to our approach is to build a close relationship between partner and client.

Our member firms are available to give the right advice at the right time - helping clients to start, to grow, troubleshooting for them in difficult times, and helping them to cash in on their success - whether on a national or international level.

When high quality specialist services are needed, our member firms have the necessary skills and technical resources to provide them.

Qualities you will find in a Tokyo Consulting Group include:

  • A real understanding of your business
  • A firm where the partners are in tune with your needs and aspirations
  • Regular attention and support from accessible partners
  • Commercial realism in the advice you receive
  • Technically reliable responses to your enquiries

Additionally, all Tokyo Consulting Group attach great importance to recruiting and training quality staff. To maintain our high standards, member firms run post qualification training programmes for their own personnel.

Each of the TCF member firms aim to provide the following level of service:

  • Responsibility for all aspects of the client service rests with dedicated partners, managers and supervisors
  • Prompt response to client enquiries and phone calls
  • When advising, we aim to combine high technical standards with commercial realism
  • In most cases, estimates of fees can be provided in advance of starting work
  • In written communications we aim to avoid technical jargon and non-committal advice
  • To keep up to date with client activities, we offer the facility of pre-planned regular meetings with the partner
  • We attach great importance to continuity of key personnel wherever possible

Our members are therefore in an excellent position to advise you on such subjects as:

  • Setting up overseas branches and companies
  • International tax planning for companies or individuals
  • Offshore structures
  • International audits
  • Advice on commercial aspects of international trading
  • International funding proposals
  • Matters relating to nationality and immigration
  • International corporate finance contacts



Upon opening a branch or business abroad, it is crucial for an organization to get its accounting services managed properly right from the start.


TCF will work as the Human Resource Department for the company and provide support for framing HR policies and employee orientation.


Tokyo Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. offers a white glove approach to all things technical. You can custom tailor a package of services to fit your specific business needs.


We provide legal counselling and assistance services regarding a wide range of legal issues to all companies.

Business Setup

We strive to provide business set up services with highest level of professionalism at the most competitive prices.

HR Cloud Software

We made our HR software to do more than automate paperwork. HR Cloud gives employees the tools to collaborate and grow, from onboarding onward.


Why Choose Us?

Always Innovating

We continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients by developing new skills, acquiring new companies and bringing new talent into the firm.

At every level of client’s organization we serve them by partnering with them over the long term to put recommendations, to help develop workforce skills, operational improvement and apply new working methods.

Build Strategic Partnerships

For strategic client partnerships that focuses on long-term success, We alongside with our clients focus on developing solutions by taking a hands-on, collaborative approach to all our engagements.

Deep, in market expertise

TCF is designed to operate as one, A single global partnership united by deep commitment to diversity and strong set of values.

Regardless of where our people are located we take consistent approach towards skills development and hiring. So that by knowing the technologies, the business models and the ecosystems of every client’s market, we can quickly deliver the right team with right experience to every client anywhere in the world.

How we work with our clients

The need for rapid business transformation has never been greater, As the digital age shows no signs of slowing down. Whenever, clients are ready on their paths to change, across the globe in every industry, we partner with them to create lasting value.

You Always Get the Best Guidance