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Hi, I am Nurul Kabir from Tokyo Consulting Group, Bangladesh Branch. I am the manager of this branch. We want to be the development partners of your businesses. As a development partner, we want to add to the value of your business; we can provide all corporate solutions from incorporation to winding up. We are providing services like accounting, taxation, internal audit, external audit, HR, etc and any other business related service that you need.


We have a team of professionals,  who have the competence and take due care of the work they do; who have a fundamental principle of taking care of your business. We have enough dedication and knowledge to truly be your partner in making your business a success. We have been developing businesses primarily in Asian countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia, and aim to provide quality service for the same. Our primary goal is to add extra value to your business so that your clients can be satisfied and we can grow along with you.


Our motto is the contribution to the society by developing your business and we want to start now as your development partner. So let’s start with developing your business. Thank you.

About TCF Bangladesh – CPA Firm in Bangladesh

Tokyo Consulting Firm Pvt. Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of TCG in Bangladesh which was established in 2007 and has more than 50 Japanese clients. TCF Bangladesh provides professional services in the fields of Accounting, Taxation, Payroll, Audit, HR, Legal Services, and IT Services. With the current boom in investment from Japan, Tokyo Consulting strives to provide quality service to its clients and serve as a bridge between Bangladesh and Japan.

What is our differentiation?

We can support as the position of external CFO
We can offer by overwhelmingly reasonable price than major audit firm in Bangladesh
We can support one-stop service – accounting, taxation, labor and legal affairs.


We always provide you up-to-date information by “Wiki-Investment”, the data base of foreign direct investment.
Rapid response is possible.
We lead your business to success by using our original Monthly Strategic Report
We can help your reporting to the parent company.
We can offer multi courtiers service because we have 44 locations in 27 countries.
We can provide Employee Evaluation System that promote sales and productivity in organization.

Nowadays, businesses are no longer exclusive to domestic markets, as they operate on an increasingly global scale. The development of a contemporary company often includes the establishment of overseas branches and subsidiaries. Recently, with the change in the tax structure and with reforms put in place to regulate foreign investment, Bangladesh has become one of the most famous destinations for investment of setting up business.


Our organization is composed of highly experienced professionals who specialize in establishing and registering offices and parent companies in Bangladesh as well as in other countries. So, let us do all the hard work for you so that you can completely concentrate on your business.

Tokyo Consulting Firm Bangladesh
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.