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ABOUT Tokyo Consulting Firm Pvt. Ltd.

Tokyo Consulting Firm Pvt. Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of TCG in India which has been established in 2007 and has more than 50 Japanese clients. TCF India provides professional services in the fields of Accounting, Taxation, Payroll, Audit, HR, Legal Services and IT Services. With the current boom in investment from Japan, Tokyo Consulting strives to provide quality service to its clients and serve as a bridge between India and Japan.

Our Commitment

Responsibility for all aspects of the client services rests with dedicated partners, managers and supervisors.

1.Prompt response to client enquiries and phone calls.
2.When advising, we aim to combine high technical standards with commercial realism.
3.In most cases, estimated fees can’t be provided in advance of starting work.
4.In written communications, we aim to avoid technical jargon and non-committal advice.
5.To keep up to date with clients’ activities, we offer the facility of pre-planned regular meetings with the partner.
6.We attach great importance to continuity of key personnel whenever possible.

In order to help us maintain and exceed our standards, we always welcome any comments regarding our services.

Our Approach

Our members are committed to keeping up to date with your affairs and helping your business succeed, offering a high standard of both commercial and supportive advice. The key to our approach is to build a close relationship between partner and client.

Our Expertise

TCF member firms can provide the technical skilled expertise often required to advise on international issues, together with local business contacts and information on available opportunities.


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