Action Guidelines(Ten codes of a capable person)

1.A person who can produce a consistent effort

Learning is a never-ending process. In today’s ever-changing scenario, any person who is satisfied with the amount of knowledge they have are as good as retired. Hence, a persistent effort to grow is the most important trait in an individual.

2.A person who is quick in responding to clients

Clients come to professionals like us because they want immediate advice. Hence, it is very important to have or develop the skill of promptly replying to all the queries of our clients.

3.A person who is quick in taking a decision

If people take a long time in taking any decision, then it either means that they are confused, or that they don’t have the appropriate knowledge to take that particular decision. This leads to errors in the decisions taken, and hence it becomes very important to be ready at all times to take any decision at any point in time.

4.A person with a strategy for work

If we do not have a strategy, then we lack the appropriate framework to tackle a particular situation. Hence, we should be aware of the best way to work in our system so that we can make a proper strategy and tackle the problems in the right order.

5.A person who can positively face his/her job

Anyone can do a task perfectly if they already have experience navigating around it. The real intelligence and mettle of the person are tested in his/her first job. A person who can walk into their first job with ample confidence, then they are already on the way to tackling all work-related problems with relative ease.

6.A person who can add value to work

The best rewards are reaped from working in a way in which you can add value to your work. Work without any value is no work done. Hence, we strongly believe that until we’re told by the client that our work added value to their business, it means that we could not meet their needs. And we aim to reduce that to the fullest.

7.A person who can work enjoyably

If a person is not enjoying his/her work, then they are obviously either aggrieved or they don’t want to do that work. We have a team of individuals who work with a smile on their face all day, and hence complete their job and make sure the clients are happy.

8.A person who knows his/her position

The most important thing, both professionally and personally, is to be able to analyze our competence. If we know how where we stand, it is very easy to take the next step and evolve even further.

9.A person who can act differently than others

A person can only do original work if they harbor the ability to think apart from anyone else. While most people get satisfied with what they have, we at TCF try our best to grow as an individual, thus setting us apart from the rest of the world.

10.A person with a philosophy for work

Unless we can define what are we working for, we will never be able to give our 100% to that cause. Hence, people who already have a philosophy about their life and about their work, know the reason why they want to work in that particular domain or organization, and hence continuously outshine their peers.