Human Resources


With an expansion in business, the need to recruit skilled individuals for different sets of tasks arises. And simultaneously, a copious number of individuals still struggle to compete in a fierce business environment to make a significant place for themselves, thereby, making the task of finding perfect individuals for discrete job profiles increasingly difficult.


Our Human Resources Management team deploys solution-oriented strategies to the clients to find the perfect fit for their different job requirements- locally as well as in the overseas market along with the paperwork that follows.


Our HR consultants are experts in carrying out talent acquisition from the extensive database of management talents available to them and are fully equipped in generating new resources as per the demand and requirement of clients. The assessment criterion is modified following the specific requirement of the employers and concentrating on the distinct labor laws in different countries.


Personnel training strategies, such as on-the-job training and business manner education, are carried out by experienced HR personnel that aims to introduce future professional managers and leaders to our customers. Based on their unique ethics and company atmosphere, we find adequate employees which are further bounded by a proper employment agreement to avoid any future disputes between employers and employees.


Nevertheless, our HR consultants, at TCF Bangladesh, are available full-time to provide their proficient advice on the objectives you want to attain as well as for the difficult HR challenges in your organization.


We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.