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Legal Services in India


Legal services in India: We provide our clients legal consultancy services in India and assistance services regarding a wide range of legal issues to all companies.


Are you looking out for legal services where you get assistance in all the business aspects from basic compliance and copyright to trademark and formal business incorporation, lawsuits, and liability? Then it’s high time for your business to partner with a trusted legal and consulting firm of your choice.


Today, the Indian legal industry has been witnessing the most eventful phase of its evolution. Starting from driving new business opportunities, the proliferation of smaller law firms, impending entry of foreign firms to the growth of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) alternatives, etc. – the market for legal services in India is in a transitional phase. These changes have been setting off an extreme need for a strategic business legal management system in India.


The Indian Legal industry offers a plethora of legal services and can assist businesses with-


  1. Legal Contracts: The lawyers help with the contractual requirements of the business, prepare the contracts for customers, clients, and suppliers as well as guide the business on how to respond to the contracts that require business consent and signatures.


  1. Business Organizations: Lawyers help the company to have the best and most authentic forms for setting up the business legally and preparing the necessary paperwork.


  1. Intellectual Property Protection: One of the most sought-after legal services in India is Intellectual property protection rights. Having authentic intellectual property papers form the backbone of many businesses and numerous lawyers are hired to assist with company matters in the most efficient manner. Legal consultants help simplify the business needs by registering the products and services for trademark, and copyright protection and assisting the company with other major intellectual issues that usually get raised as per the laws of the jurisdiction.


  1. Tax and Licenses: Tax lawyers usually assist with the tax consequences of the business transactions for the safe future engagement of the business.

The Rise of New Age Legal Consultants


The legal profession has variably evolved away from the stereotypical way of lawyers only performing litigation. Today, in fact, the process of offering legal services in India is no longer confined to courtrooms, as it has moved to the corporate world with advisory functions in all aspects – professional and personal. The in-house legal consultants cater to intellectual property protection, tax consultations, environmental protection, competition law, corporate taxation, infrastructure contracts, corporate governance, and investment law.


Today lawyers not only require brilliant legal skills and knowledge but also excellent interpersonal and management skills. Organizations and businesses today have been completely dependent on their trustworthy legal consultants to effectively bring out the safest business plans, finances, tax benefits, and employee-related policies by chalking out the potential legal risks and providing optimum mitigation.


Today the competency of legal consultants isn’t limited to Indian jurisdictions, but the increased boundaries of trade have provided wings to the consultants in the fields of international laws such as Arbitration, Public Law, Human rights, Civil liberties, and the Bill of Rights.

It is highly evident that in comparison to the last century, in present times, the legal sector and the legal services in India have seen exponential growth and it is expected to boom soon!


Our services encompass a broad legal spectrum, catering to leading international clients across the globe. We offer a wide range of legal consultancy services in India:

  • Legal Retainer-ship (Internal Legal Services)
  • Drafting-Vetting -Reviewing of Agreements
  • Framing Legal HR Policy (Corporate/Sales/Factory)
  • Implementation of Legal HR Policies
  • Labour Law Compliance
  • Statutory Labour Audit
  • Advisory on Labour Matters
  • Support Labour Litigation
  • Handles Employee Grievances on behalf of Company
  • Drafting of Letters as per Industry Standards (Appointment Letter, Probation Letter, Confirmation Letter, Relieving Letter, Increment Letter/Promotion Letter, etc.
  • Support Statutory Record Keeping
  • Para Legal Services


Criminal Complaints under section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act for recovery of debts. Reviewing of all laws related to labor, factories, payment of bonus, payment of Gratuity, payment of provident fund, ESIC, environment, etc. We do the Filing of necessary Forms under the Provident Fund Act, ESIC.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.