TCF Brazil | Seminar - Fraud, Risk and Financial Management

Fraud, Risk and Financial Management DATE AND TIME,June 3rd 13:00 – 14:30 Brazil time,REZA KENDVAN

ProfileProfessor of Finance at Aydın University, Istanbul, Turkey.


Reza is an academician in Aydin university business department in Istanbul Turkey. He is a member in ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners). He is also a financial advisor to textile industry and startups. He is a board member at Toastmasters Istanbul and has been giving Finance trainings in Dubai, İstanbul and many other cities since 20 years.

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Every year around 5% of the Gross World Product is lost to fraud. Corporations are facing increasingly tougher time to control fraud based losses. Advances in technology and growing inter-dependencies are two major drivers of increased losses to fraud. Our short training is going to address the minimums that every manager needs to know about it.

00 – 05 Introduction and icebreaker

06 – 15 The roots of fraud in economic systems.

06 – 30 What is Fraud? Fraud risk typologies, fraud awareness and current statistics, why we need manage its risk, Definitions, and Roots and Forms of fraud

31 – 50 Case study: A common scenario

51 – — Questions answers

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