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HR Consultants in Brazil

One of the main issues that companies face in their organizational development is recruitment and education of new employees. Personnel training strategies, such as on-the-job training and business manner education, can be achieved through thorough knowledge and accumulated experience of Human Resource Management. Associate, as a well-known recruitment agency in Brazil provides original training services that aim to create professional leaders and capable managers – thus providing the necessary human resource services in Brazil for prospective businesses.

At associate, the philosophy is that the growth of employees is the corporate growth. In offering human resource services in Brazil we provide not just advice, but constant support to be put into practice daily.

Recruitment Regulations

Recruitment regulations differ for every country. Based on our customers’ management philosophy and vision, associate seeks the most effective and controllable way for the organization to achieve its goals. Ability to follow recruitment regulations reflects the company’s reliability when hiring employees, which in turn affects the quality of human resources. Even in the middle of the development phase, reviews of recruitment regulations have a positive impact on customers’ needs for HR management services in Brazil. As the number of employees increases, the business scale grows, so setting ideal and balanced working hours and salaries become increasingly important for the future growth of the company.

At associate, we believe that a proper employment agreement, in accordance with the culture and regulations of a company, is significant to minimize future conflicts between employers and employees. If both parties are considered fairly, the mutual agreement between employers and employees leads to satisfaction on both sides, consequently strengthening the organizational capacity of the company. It is therefore an integral part of our philosophy to strive to provide excellent human resource management services to our customers in Brazil.

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