Tax Services

Dealing With the Tax Compliance in Vietnam



Establishing a business in Vietnam most of the time has difficulty in dealing with local tax compliance. Foreign firms find taxes and financial regulation in Vietnam are quite troublesome due to a high level of complexity. Improper filing and errors in the tax reports are proved to be very costly which results in an increase in amounts of tax incurred as well as amounts of fines and penalties. However, our highly experienced staff will provide simple and optimal solutions to all your necessary tax filing, as well as consult you on any complicated tax issues that occur to your business.


These Tax Services offering are as follows:


• Monthly (or quarterly) value added tax (VAT) declaration service
• Monthly (or quarterly) personal income tax (PIT) declaration service
• Corporation income tax (CIT) declaration service
• Business tax declaration service
• Foreign Contractor tax (FCT) registration and declaration service
• Personal income tax (PIT) declaration and financialservice for individual
• Other service relating to tax prints
• Tax review and support for tax inspection and tax refund service