Payroll Services

Payroll Services in Vietnam

A company’s payroll is one of the most important aspects of a company’s operations. Aside from the fact that the timely and accurate distribution of employees’ salaries can have a tremendous impact on employee morale, an efficiently-managed payroll system can keep a company’s finances balanced, and on-track with internal financial objectives.


We offer monthly employee payroll accounting and social labor insurance with great confidence:


  • Preparation of monthly employee payroll
  • Pay slips/ paychecks
  • Expatriates payroll in Vietnam (with tax gross up calculation)
  • Labor consulting (advising on Vietnamese labor rules and law)
  • Legal reporting of newly hired and resigned employees to the various agencies, as stipulated by Vietnam legislation


Personnel evaluation system


At associate, the philosophy is that the growth of employees is the corporate growth. Even in the middle of the development phase, reviews of recruitment regulations have a positive impact on the organizational capacity of the company. As the number of employees increases, the business scale grows, so setting ideal and balanced working hours and salaries become increasingly important for the future growth of the company.


Performance evaluations can motivate staff boost their productivity, foster managerial skills of managers and lower employee turnover rate by provide an equitable measurement and management system.


The Personnel evaluation system comprises the procedures of four steps: analysis, construction, introduction and operation. This should be conducted fairly, consistently and objectively to obtain the high level of quality and quantity in the work produced. We will assist you to:


  • Position definition
  • Create operational rules
  • Competency settings
  • Setting outcome targets
  • Create goal management sheet
  • Operation in cloud type system