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Today Peru is an extensive and mega-diverse territory. Of its 128.5 million hectares, nearly 8 million hectares have the potential for agricultural topics, 18 million are pasture and 49 million for sustainable forest activities. Peru`s national forest area, which includes trees that produce cedar and mahogany, is estimated at a little less than 80 million hectares. There are also numerous glaciers, lagoons, and rivers throughout its territory. Peru is considered a mega diverse county and its marine richness is host to a variety of species of fish; its abundance makes Peru one of the leading fish producers in the world.


Here, in “Doing Business in Peru“, a highly experienced team of Peruvian Certified Public Accountants and tax lawyers are happy to offer an assistance with establishing your company’s presence in the uPeruvian market. We will help you with the incorporation procedure and registration with the relevant government agencies. Our highly professional specialists in the area of Peruvian accounting and tax compliance will provide you with the best services and support that you will need after establishing your company here in the Peru.


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