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Tax Consultants in Mexico


In order to support our customers’ establishment and business development, we provide a broad range of fully integrated tax services in mexico. As our staff is composed of Mexico local tax specialists, we are able to serve our customers the necessary knowledge and insight into the Mexico market.
Through our integrated tax services in mexico, we provide our clients the opportunity to increase net asset value, to undertake transfer pricing, minimize tax liabilities, implement tax computer systems, and provide advisory regarding the financial implications of business decisions. Through our compliance services, we assist our clients in the preparation of corporate and individual tax returns, tax audit defense, and tax risk management.



Through our tax services in Mexico, we offer the followings:


1. Tax Planning and Consulting


Tax planning and consulting requires a good understanding of international tax treaties, particularly the Double Tax Agreements (DTA) between mexico and a number of countries. Our local staff is specialized in mexico-related tax matters. Thus, we can supply our clients in mexico with tax structures that support their proposed transactions, thus allowing companies to reduce their tax exposure. We offer a range of taxation and business support services in the following key areas:


  • Taxation services
  • Tax planning and consulting
  • Cross border transactions
  • Tax compliance
  • Structured Tax
  • Tax due diligence
  • Business support services


2. Taxation Services


We can assist clients in mitigating their tax risks in mexico thanks to our local and specialized knowledge. Through careful planning in the establishment process, our customers can ensure that transactional risks are identified and reduced, and that their operations are in compliance with international and mexico local tax regulations. For multinational companies, these transactions are referred to as cross-border transactions and include areas such as:


  • Withholding tax
  • Value added tax
  • Transfer pricing
  • Advanced Pricing Arrangement (APA)
  • Double Taxation Agreements



We also provide assistance on tax compliance issues, such as:


  • Corporate tax returns
  • Monthly VAT (value added tax) and withholding tax returns
  • Personal income tax for expatriates
  • Special business tax
  • Stamp duty



Additionally, we help our customers in the preparation of tax registration and application procedures and claims. We can assist clients seeking answers on mexico domestic tax matters and legislation, such as drafting taxpayer objections, appeals, and request for tax rulings. We are also well equipped to represent clients in mexico Revenue Department audits and seek refunds for overpaid value added tax and withholding tax.



3. Indirect taxes



Any business buying, selling, investing or employing staff in one or more countries is confronted with indirect taxes. Globally, governments are increasingly imposing indirect taxes: sales taxes, general services tax, business tax, VAT, customs duties, energy taxes, environmental taxes, excises, etc. New regulatory challenges arise in parallel, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and similar rules in other jurisdictions. Unless indirect taxes are properly managed, profitability will decrease while working capital requirements (cash flow) and risks will increase. With regards to these issues, we can provide the following services:


  • Information on rules, rates, and jurisprudence
  • Indirect tax strategies that manage the impact of these taxes on the company’s financials, risk portfolio and organization.
  • Setting up, automating and digitizing indirect tax compliance processes.
  • Support with indirect tax inspections and litigation.
  • Monitoring of policy developments.


4. Transfer pricing



Transfer pricing refers to inter-company pricing arrangements, with regards to transactions between related business entities. These can include transfers of intellectual property, tangible goods, services, and loans or other financial transactions. The use of transfer pricing tax strategies has recently attracted a high level of international attention, due to the rapid rise of multinational trade, and the opening of several significant developing economies. As a result, transfer pricing has had an increased impact on corporate income taxation. As multinational corporations evolve into true global enterprises, compliance with the differing requirements of multiple overlapping tax jurisdictions has become a complicated and potentially expensive task to perform. In response to these factors, tax authorities around the world have become more aggressive in the transfer pricing arena, introducing stricter penalties, new documentation requirements, increased information exchange, improved audit staff training and increased audit and inspection activity and specialization. This intense scrutiny implies significant risks for the unprepared companies, particularly in a complex field such as transfer pricing where each transaction must be analyzed under its own unique facts and circumstances.



Our tax specialist staff in mexico can help our customers, from business establishment to consulting services.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.