【October 19th】【Web seminar】Telework and Home Office (Work from home)

TCF Brazil Seminar
Seminar outline


  • ① Concepts of Telework and Home Office (Work from home)
  • ② Teleworking by the Brazilian Consolidation of Labor Laws Importance of the feedback
  • ③ Teleworking in Brazil
  • ④ Management system based on personnel evaluation system
  • ⑤ Provisional Measure no.927/2020 – Covid-19
  • ⑥ Regular Labor Law VS Provisional Measure 927 (expired)
  • ⑦ Advantages and Disadvantages of Teleworking
  • ⑧ Legal Risks and Other Issues
Seminar Lecturer

Jorge Gonzaga Matsumoto



(The representative of Bichara Advogados)



Counselor Partner of Bichara Advogados Labor practice and Doctor of Laws in International Labor Law, Universidade de São Paulo (USP).

TCF Brazil Seminar

Christiana Fontenelle


(Partner of Bichara Advogados Labor practice.)

TCF Brazil Seminar
Date and Time

October 19th (Mon) 08:00 – 09:30

(All seminar is held by the Brazil time [UTC -3])


It will be held with the web conference tool “Zoom”.


The URL for attending the seminar will be sent by email the day before.


* Please check in advance if ZOOM can be used on your PC / smartphone.


* Please use your full name (in Roman letters) as your ZOOM account name.



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How to apply

Please mention “10/19 Telework and Home Office (Work from home) in the subject, write your name and contact information, and send it.

* The date and time, venue, contents may be changed or the event may be canceled due to circumstances. Please note.


* Although it is really selfish, please refrain from applying from other companies in the same industry.

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